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Current Issue

January-June 2022| Vol 1| Issue 1


Chronicling advances in diabetes: The time is now

According to International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates for year 2021, there are 537 million people with diabetes in the world, just in the age group of 20-79 years.[1] In 2045, this number i...

Original Article

Insulin resistance in early and advanced diabetic kidney disease

Background: Insulin resistance (IR) is commonly seen in diabetic kidney disease (DKD) and could contribute to the progression of renal disease and cardiovascular risk. In this study, we aim t...

Original Article

Association of vitamin D with macrophage migration inhibitory factor and interleukin-8 in diabetic foot infection

Background: Diabetic foot wound is an important health challenge throughout the world. Interleukin 8 (IL8) and macrophage-migration inhibitory factor (MIF) play a significant role in host def...

Original Article

Glycemic variability and other risk factors for diabetic retinopathy: A pilot case-control study

Background: Hyperglycemia is a known risk factor for diabetic retinopathy (DR) but the association between glycemic variability and DR is unclear. We aim to evaluate the glycemic variability ...

Review Article

Regulation and role of amp-activated protein kinase at the cellular level and relevance to diabetes mellitus

Adenosine Mono phosphate -activated protein kinase (AMPK) is a metabolic master switch that senses the cellular AMP levels. However, it is now also regarded as a nutrient-sensing enzyme due to its a...

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